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Thread: Recommend a Garden room/Shed firm

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    Recommend a Garden room/Shed firm


    We are looking to replace our 15yr old log type cabin with something larger , more up to date looking and which provides a usable room plus storage approx 20ft x 13ft

    The old cabin was supplied by Wright's Sheds , Morbec Farm , Wickford , Essex and has been very fact they have quoted for the replacement, however before we take the plunge, any other recommendations/suggestions would be welcome please.

    Best Neil

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    Nearly forgot....budget is £10k

    Best Neil

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    I have just ordered a summerhouse/log cabin/Summerhouse, however you want to term it from Lugarde, you can designs and cost online and they can do most things and I am impressed with the quality of what I have seen. We went for 44mm thick walls after advice.

    Itís certainly worth having a play with the online configuration tool.

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    Tuin supplied mine
    I had a groundworker to do a quality job of the concrete base and a roofer to put a proper slate roof on it
    Looks lovely and came in just over £5k all in for a 16x10 cabin
    I built it/ painted it, gutters etc.

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    Got a summerhouse from tigersheds 7 years ago and itís been perfect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cr55eds View Post
    Got a summerhouse from tigersheds 7 years ago and itís been perfect.
    Next-door neighbour has both shed and home office from Tigersheds and highly recommends them.

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    Recommend a Garden room/Shed firm

    I got mine through Costco and had it installed have to say they did a great job and quick turnaround the exact same cabin elsewhere was £2000 more and that was without installation

    One side is a shed the other I use as an office/ man cave

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