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Thread: My old mate is back from the dead.

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    My old mate is back from the dead.

    Iíve had this Ollech M4 for nearly 25 years and wore it non stop for at least 10, until the crown tube stripped its threads. I had it repaired with a generic crown but it was never the same so itís lived in a drawer ever since. I absolutely loved this watch so I was gutted when it broke.

    Fast forward to about a year ago when I found it and decided to put the guts into a new case I got off eBay. Predictably the keyless works fell apart when I removed the stem so I figured what the hell and removed the hands and face to rebuild them. Then I lost a teeny tiny gear wheel that I thought would scupper my plans forever but by shear luck managed to spot it glinting when I was doing a spot of hoovering. Itís taken me a while to pluck up the courage to try again but today I finished putting it back together and blow me down, it only works!

    I feel like Iíve achieved some kind of important life goal and Iím super happy to have my old best mate back.

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    That's a cracking looking thing - love the yellowed lume and red 24hr markers.

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    Excellent work is a good job you do some hoovering.

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    Great stuff!
    What movement? ETA2824?

    I lusted after a few O&W when I first got into this lark, am sure that was one. Love it

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    Yes itís a 2824. Iíve been wearing it ever since it went back together. Currently running at -5 s/day which isnít outrageous considering what itís been through.

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