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Thread: Smiths Navigator prototype

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGent View Post
    Iím 100% with you on this! Donít get me wrong - the Navigator looks fantastic and I know there will be delighted owners, but for me the PRS-29A is just so right. I think because it mirrors the W10 so faithfully which for me embodies the Antoine de Saint-Exupery quote ďA designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.Ē

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    Except the number Ď4í lol. I own one and have grown to appreciate its charm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swanbourne View Post
    It seems delivery could be this week as they asked for (and received) the balance payment last week.

    That is great news Eddie. Kind of like finding that last piece of the puzzle. Will be looking forward to the final price and release for sale in the store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raysablade View Post
    I know it is a little perverse but Iím enjoying my dislike of the Navigator. The polished bezel is my main problem but there is more including the lug shape.

    It will be a great watch, I have no doubt of that, just not to my taste.

    I love it because it confirms my conviction that the current iteration of the PRS-29 military is the only hand-wind three hand watch I want at any price.
    I too am not a fan of the polished bezel but as the Mk XI seemed to have one I guess it's part of the package.

    From the prototype photos it doesn't seem to be as obvious on the cream dial which could well persuade me to go for that. It would also sit well with my PRS29-AM

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