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Thread: ‘Rightmove’ property portal - membership period?

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    Red face ‘Rightmove’ property portal - membership period?

    Query for any Estate Agents on this forum really. I was wondering if RM ties you in for a year, or can you join ‘pay as you go’?

    My brother is thinking about starting his own online Estate Agency. Specialising in Surrey properties.


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    It's always been a year at a time but not sure if COVID-19 has softened their stance. They won't allow rolling and will disconnect you if you don't recontract in for another 12 months. They're pretty forceful in general but the number one outside of London.

    In order to join you'll have to be registered with the TPOS or ombudsman etc. Sales or lettings only will be cheaper than sales and lettings. Zoopla only offer sales only or sales and lettings only, no discount for lettings only.

    No such thing as pay per listing or pay as you go. On Zoopla you can get a 10 properties max discount or 20 properties max discount, Rightmove might have similar options.

    Would be worth seeing if there are two quotes from RM, one for online agents and one for traditional but based out of your brother's house or a local PO box/their accountant etc. With Zoopla traditional agency has a different ratecard compared to online.

    Bold time to be starting an agency online or otherwise.

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    Red face

    Thanks for the info. I agree it’s a tricky time to go into property sales, but he thought that with minimal costs and aggressive pricing on commission, plus great pro-active service, he could be successful.

    That’s before he found out that Rightmove charges agents a minimum of £1,000 per MONTH for listing properties for sale. :(

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    He'll get Zoopla for a lot less than that.

    Rightmove can be cheap if going lettings only (approx £400 pm) which would defeat the purpose.

    Tell him to get two quotes from RM by putting another lead into the system for an online agency or vice versa if that's what's he's done. Ask about a 10 property max limit etc and see what they say. Can't see him getting it for less than £800 pm though.

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