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Thread: Casio MRW-200H Oil Mod

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    Casio MRW-200H Oil Mod

    Hi All,

    Apologies if this kind of mod has already been uploaded, but itís the first project of mine and thought Iíd put it up.

    So, with the Casio MRW-200H having been reduced from £30 to £10 recently, Iím sure quite a few people will have bought this watch (I got 2)! While looking for a review of it, I found quite a few examples of people filling theirs with silicone oil to improve the viewing angle and overall Ďpopí of the watch.

    I work away from home for a few weeks at a time and realised that I could scavenge everything that I would need for the mod, instead of having to wait until I got home. So, here we goÖ

    It turns out that the screwdriver from my glasses repair kit is the exact size to remove the caseback, and the little tweezers and tin helped a lot. I found some lubricant oil (Iím assuming / hoping is silicone based) which has a light green hue to it that I thought might look pretty cool.

    I removed the strap, unscrewed the caseback and extracted the white plastic movement holder with the small flat head screwdriver (forgot to take a photo of this) thus exposing the beating heart of the watch.

    I placed the watch in the tin and filled the case with the oil. I didnít think much was getting through to the dial, so I used the flat-head to gently lift the dial away from the case on the opposite side from the crown, then gently pushed it back down. This drew the oil under the dial and pushed bubbles out next to the crown. Repeat till no bubbles come out.

    I should mention that in a tutorial video I watched a few days ago the modder removed the crown stem by pressing on a secret part of the mechanism that I couldnít find. I also couldnít find / couldnít be bothered looking for his video again, so I thought Iíd wing it (only £10 hey!).

    I then filled with oil again, gently laid the caseback on and applied more oil to try and make sure no air got caught beneath; then screwed down the caseback.

    All in all, it was a success as I didnít get any air inside and the watch is still running. Iím not 100% sure about the green oil though, as clear oil seems to make the whites more white and the blacks more black, whereas this looks a bit more muted. But hey, thatís what the second watch is for!

    The viewing angle is pretty cool though :D

    Cheers for reading

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    That's really cool. Saw the thread on sc and might give this a go now.

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    Brilliant, especially the viewing angles ! And you can dive to 1,000,000 fathoms too ;-)

    How's the time keeping been, I believe other oil filled watches claim to use a hi-torq movement.

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