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Thread: Citizen Attesa eco drive case opening bits

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    Citizen Attesa eco drive case opening bits

    Does anyone know where I can find the case opening bits for a three bit case opener For the above watch?
    The holes are a crescent shape rather than the common square ones.
    I couldnít see any on Cousins website. Tried others no luck.
    The watch has stopped and suspect the battery has died.
    I donít want to send it just yet to Citizen Uk. I like the challenge of fixing it myself if possible.
    Iíll try and upload an image of the case back so you understand what I mean.
    Grateful for any info. IMG_2646.JPG

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    Square bits can be reshaped. Not sure if they are hardened, but a diamond file would work in any case


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    I would suggest putting some masking tape over the indents then trying and jaxa... Iíd be surprised if it didnít work regardless of the bit shape.

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    I have 5 pin Citizen case openers here all non marking.

    I need the following pin measurement.

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