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Thread: Seiko 7c43 crystal source

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    Seiko 7c43 crystal source

    Does anyone know of a source for a crystal to fit a seiko 7c43-7010?

    Mineral or sapphire?


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    I asked around not that long ago... there are some crystals that fit from eBay sellers. But nobody making 'correct' reproductions of the OEM crystal.

    You may find a NOS Seiko part poking out of a rocking-horse pile somewhere in the world if you are very very lucky.

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    My 6309s should fit, ground bevel, correct angle bevel for 6309.

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    Thanks both.

    Based on my limited research I thought the 6309 crystal prevented the crystal retaining from being screwed down correctly

    I had assumed someone was making the correct sapphire but perhaps not

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    Can you measure 7c43 bevel angle?

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    Embarrassingly I donít have anything to measure an angle with

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    Photo with macro setting and upload, MUST BE CRISP.

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    Iíll try tomorrow in daylight

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    Tablets, smart phones now have protractor apps.
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    The 6309 crystal doesn't fit the 7C43 as you said Bob due to the different profile to accept the screw down crystal retaining ring.

    I think I have a 7C43 crystal in my parts box. I'll check.
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