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Thread: My "Trench" watch

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    My "Trench" watch

    Hello all,

    My first post here.

    I bought this watch from the "bay" for about £45 back in 2014 as it is a 1914 watch, and I wanted one in my collection from the time of the First WW.

    I have no idea of it's history, but the strap looks like it could have come from that time. It works, but I don't wear it often as I worry it may pack up altogether, but it does keep good time losing about 3-5 mins a day.

    cheers Jimbo
    th_trench watch.jpgK

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    Hi Jimbo, welcome to the forum. Looks like an interesting watch. Can you post a higher resolution picture? The ‘attach’ option doesn’t work very well. Try something like Imgur.

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    Not sure this is exactly a "Trench watch" But a lovely old mechanical watch not too dissimilar to yours. I am guessing yours is around 33mm? Please post a few more pictures so we can get a bit more detail of the watch.

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    Love it

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