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Thread: Repair stitching on Omega rubber strap?

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    Repair stitching on Omega rubber strap?

    Hi all,

    Not been on here for donkey's years - used to be a regular and then buggered off to France for a year or so with little to no internet connection (bliss!) but am now back in the real world.

    Bought a genuine rubber strap for my old Omega Planet Ocean from an chap online. I rotate my watches but the 2nd time I wore it I noticed a stitch had come loose. Can't prove to the chap I bought it off that I hadn't caught it on anything, but I'm 99% certain I hadn't and that it was a manufacturing fault.

    Anyway - that's not the point. Do you think it's repairable? Anyone out there clever enough to have crack?

    It's actually listed on a very well known auction site and is about to sell today for pennies (I've replaced it now so have no need for it) but if I COULD get it fixed I'd obviously be able to re-coup a lot more of the original cost (179.99).

    Some pics.....

    Thanks in advance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bry1975 View Post
    No pics.
    Weird. I can see them both on my preview and as I'm looking at the thread now.

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    Should be there now.
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    D'oh! Forgot what time the auction ended and was enjoying a delicious omelette as it sold for 20.90!!

    Not sure I want to know if it was repairable now!

    Oh well, my fault for not putting a reserve on it and to be honest if not repairable it'd just have just got chucked in a drawer with the dozens and dozens of straps / clasps / buckles and pins that I'm sure "I'm bound to have a use for one day......"
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    Someone bagged a bargain!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr noble View Post
    Someone bagged a bargain!!
    Didn't they just?!

    I wonder if it can be repaired though as the stitching is kind of elasticated / rubberised (I assume for water resistance) and I'm PRETTY sure it'd just snap if you tried to stretch it to rethread it. I could be wrong.

    Anyway. Was no use to me as the broken stitch was right below the face so every time you looked at the watch you saw it.

    Messed with my OCD.

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