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Thread: Budget price stereo microscopes

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    Budget price stereo microscopes

    If considering purchase of a stereo microscope (useful for relaxed 3D examination of e.g. pivot holes) , Brunel Microscopes often has s/h and ex demo instruments. I bought a DM6 for my nephew and it's excellent .. has built-in incident illumination. It's battery powered … mains powered are a little more expensive.

    If you're not sure which specification might suit your needs, I'm happy to advise. Best to choose an instrument with built-in illumination.

    All the budget price modern stereo 'scopes are made in China but any Chinese models sold by Brunel are fine.
    In the Vintage section, older British models are listed e.g. Vickers and Beck … also worth considering but might lack built-in illumination.

    Please don't confuse binocular compound microscopes with stereo models … stereo inspection models have a stereo objective lens(es) and are usually relatively low power i.e. 5x to 20x magnification

    Stock listings are updated frequently

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    That's interesting. I used to have two binocular microscopes. Both Victorian. One by Dancer, the other by Watson another London maker. They had fantastic lens quality. With polarisers.
    They are beautiful instruments.
    I also had loads of slides from The Challenger Expedition and micro photos of horrific battles from WW1.
    I sold them at Christies, had a clear out !
    I used a stereo microscope in Switzerland when adjusting horrible pallet stones. A job I hope to never have to do again !

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    Brunel microscopes are nice people to talk to and i used their microscopes for some time. Now though I use meiji stereo microscopes at work for oiling and checking oiling/escapement issues. Have it on an arm so it gets pushed back to the edge of the bench when not in use. With a focal reducer (0.5) to increase working distance so I can work while looking. I use 10x eye pieces for most work and 20x for serious detail (think coaxial). So at minimum 3.5x magnification up to 22.5x with the 10x eye pieces and 7x - 45x with the 20x eye pieces.

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