We live in uncertain times. Who knows what the next few months will bring but it is looking increasingly likely we are heading towards a worldwide recession. I believe we will see huge changes in society, corporates will fail, (some) banks and governments as well. And I think this earthquake will cause significant changes in our hobby and the watch market.

So gaze into your crystal-ball and what do you see for April 2021 in the world of watches. Here is my go (and please don't make this a thread for sniping at other's tastes):

1) Discretion. This goes for all luxury goods as there will be a huge backlash against conspicuous consumption in an era of jobs losses and worse.

All my other points stem from this.

2) Smaller watches. A return to 40mm and below. Larger watches becoming obsolete in a world of discretion.
3) Yellow gold and rose gold losing any shine (excuse the pun).
4) Faux vintage has had a good run. I think that run is over. Same with colourful dials (I own a 1969 Omega Speedmaster 2 with Racing Dial, and that is staying). Plain black dials with little text, plain or no bezels.
5) A torrid time for some watch companies. I am particularly looking at some of the Swatch stable (Breguet, Blancpain - I own watches from both). Omega will get hammered with its 10k RRPs. I also think some of the cheaper premium brands (Oris, Tissot etc) will get pressured by further adoption of smart watches.
6) How can I not mention Rolex? I see a shift to non date and other non-cyclops models. 36mm Explorer to be king!

What do you see?