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Thread: 3D Additive Printing Getting Serious>>

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    3D Additive Printing Getting Serious>>


    3D Additive Printing Getting Serious>>

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    I'll bet that was a pretty serious printer that did those!!!

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    That's top notch. I saw that 3D printing was used to urgently churn out ventilator valves in Italy when the main supplier couldn't meet demand. They are more expensive to produce so won't replace traditional manufacturing (yet) but met demands when speed was of the essence.
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    Got to be Multimillion dollar/pound/euro investment.

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    3d Printed Coronavirus Ventilator Valves

    3d Printed Coronavirus Ventilator Valves.

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    Presuming some of those are metal? How does that work? Or are they all plastic?
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    They're metal, SS, Ti, Aluminium is regularly 3d printed these days.
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    Excellent Demo Vid

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bry1975 View Post
    3d Printed Coronavirus Ventilator Valves.

    Wow. Just wow.

    That has really cheered me up this evening.

    It is quite awesome to think that so much of our technology is now being turned to fighting this pandemic.

    I read the other day that all the UK based Formula 1 Teams, (which is most of them and who have advanced rapid design and manufacturing systems) are turning over to making ventilators.
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