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Thread: Forehead thermometers

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    Forehead thermometers

    Someone has WTB for one but don't want to derail his thread so I'll ask here.

    Are the type used for pizza ovens etc any good for this? Mine always reads low - is this because range is too great so not accurate at low (body) temp or that forehead temp is not good reflection of internal body temp (but medical ones presumably work okay).

    Suppose they might be useful for monitoring any change?

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    If your forehead is anywhere near pizza cooking temperatures, you should be self-isolating by now.

    (but yes, they're designed to work over different ranges and will have different accuracies - is it really that important if a pizza oven is +/- a couple of celcius but could be critical for health)

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    Iím trying to find some at the minute. Bloody impossible!

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    Very impossible to find
    You can screw my thread anytime :)

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    Having been through half a dozen types in the last few years with child I can attest the only ones that read correctly are the in-ear type* as used by every NHS doc/nurse I've seen from spawn's birth onwards.

    *Braun Thermoscan circa. £35. And yup impossible to get at the mo.

    Not sure if that answers anything asked but just sayin'

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    As recommended above, and as known by anyone new parent in the last 5 year, the braun ear ones are the best.

    Finding one will be hard though...

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    My 12 yo came home from school today with a temperature. His forehead felt very hot. Got him home and shoved a Braun thermometer in his lug hole and came out at 36.6.

    Still felt hot all afternoon but registered normally in-ear. Not used the thermometer since the kids were little so wondering if it is up to the job, Iím sure a head thermometer would have recorded higher.

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