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Thread: G-Shock display numeral size

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    G-Shock display numeral size

    As there isnít anywhere local I can compare my 6900 to I was hoping members could let me know how the display numeral size/font compares to say the 5600 range or Rangeman? Thereís a host of solar Shocks which appeal, but little point if thereís no difference I find it a little difficult to read clearly - need reading glasses.


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    Just a thought but some of the Protek stuff is very legible, I also used to used timex ironman watches as they too are easy to read at a glance.

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    Quick and dirty, but this is a GW-6900 beside a GW-5000. As you can see, the numerals are a little larger on the 5000. From memory, the 5600 is pretty much the same as the 5000.

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    The Timex displays are good. This is my Expedition......

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    I believe the 5610 uses the same module as the 5000 - and is probably the clearest display among my G shocks although the frogman GWF-1000 is also very near

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