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Thread: Posting to Czech Republic - who and how?

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    Posting to Czech Republic - who and how?

    I gave an enquiry on my BB to sell to Czech Republic

    The issue immediately is the security of both parties via insurance on the item

    First glance is quite bamboozling

    Has anybody got any ideas or used a good service at a reasonable cost?

    The watch is £2760 Sterling

    Any links or advice would be greatly received
    Iím sure there used to be some sort of doecial account fir the trade but it got stopped for the public?

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    Czech Republic went on 1 month lock down as of today, bars and restaurants to close at 8pm. Cinemas, Theatres etc are also closed. Anywhere where there is more than 30 people is closed. I would suggest something like DHL or a superfast insured system that doesn't rely on the czexh postal service as its a bit antiquated.

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    I'd certainly go with a dedicated end to end courier like DHL or FedEx, I believe there was even a dedicated watch courier service at one point but I have no idea if they are still about. Be aware of insurance maximums though, some are quite low if you are not careful.
    I bought a watch on C24 from Poland, FedEx had it on my doorstep in the UK in less than 24 hours with zero issues.

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    another vote for DHL here.

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    DHL with a third party insurer like

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