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Thread: Servicing a rolex before selling / value?

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    Servicing a rolex before selling / value?


    I'm thinking of selling my 2013 116610LN. I've worn it to death so it's pretty beat - lots of scuffs and scrapes (although thankfully no big dings!).

    Rolex prices are silly these days and I'm out of touch. It seems like buyers have a preference for mint examples though, since no-one seems to buy them to wear any more. I took a big haircut on a Panerai recently due to its condition and regret not getting it brushed first!

    Just wondering if it woudl be worth servicing/refinishing the Sub before selling? I'd imagine it would be around £8k thereafter - does that sound about right? However, slightly intimidated by these recent stories of case replacements by Rolex accompanied by £3k bills...

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    If no big dings, I'd get the movement serviced and maybe a light polish. Then sell for a competitive price - better than spending say £3k and losing a lot of that value in asking for a higher price.

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    Clearly a watch fresh from Service with the two year guarantee card and service stickers on the sides is a far more attractive proposition than a watch without - but clearly the cost of doing that needs to be added on to any asking price. The buyer benefits from not having to do that themselves and wait weeks or months for the Watch to come back.

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    It would be worth getting it serviced I would think. Otherwise buyers would take the cost of a service into account when making an offer.
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    I donít know in your position. There are still a bunch of buyers who still want to just wear the watch and are not as fussy as us on a forum. These folks may be more price aware and shop for the lower end of the price brackets. There are I expect 100ís for sale at £8k ish.... significantly less for sale at £7 and a bit.....

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    Rule of thumb: it doesn't pay for a private seller to have a watch fully serviced before selling it. Rarely will they make enough extra to cover the additional outlay.

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    Think you would struggle to get £8k there are plenty available Nee unworn at that price with the 4+ years of the warranty left from trusted dealers..
    If it were mine and I wanted out I would have it serviced by Rolex which would come back with a 2 year warranty and like new.. then price it around £7k ish if itís a complete set..
    Selling it as is if itís as well worn as you say you would struggle to get £5k but again thatís probably more than you paid so still not a bad option..

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    Personally, Iíd prefer it as is and choose to service it or not myself.

    Price it accordingly.
    Before the prices went mental over the last 2-3years, Iíd have simply expected about £500 under the cost of a serviced one.
    Now, probably a bit more.

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