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Thread: Apple Care+ Worth It?

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    Apple Care+ Worth It?

    For apple users...whatís the general opinion about AppleCare+? With iPhones becoming so expensive, Iíve been considering purchasing AppleCare+ before the availability period expires. At £200, it is a significant cost in addition to the £1049 that the iPhone cost.

    Anybody bother with this? What the general opinion versus taking the risk and paying for a fix if you donít have it?

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    I used to and now donít bother as my bank covers me for phones. £75 for repair or new replacement if they canít repair it. Also I have used it before and itís been a week turn around. Thatís been once in my ownership of phones since 1996.

    I buy it for the laptops, as my wife dropped water on her 15Ē laptop and set me back just over 700 to get it repaired.
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    My son dropped his iPhone in a river, and it killed it stone dead. We popped into the Apple store, and within half an hour walked out with a brand new replacement phone, with all his data restored and good to go. For youngsters I reckon itís a no brainier - Iíve never dropped a phone or broken a screen, but thereís always a first time, accidents happen - and it was so painless Iíd definitely recommend

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    I bought it for a Mac Air. Screen became faulty well out of warranty but within AppleCare and was repaired (new clamshell) without issue.

    My bank Ďinsuranceí replaced an iPhone after it was dropped and the replacement was a refurb which we sent back due to obvious smudges beneath the screen.

    The bank insurance is cheaper but in future I will stick with AppleCare.

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    If in the UK buying it no...

    If buying outside of the UK yes...

    Financials work in your favour on the latter.

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    Not in answer to your question but I am amazed Apple get away with only 1 year as standard, at least Samsung give 2 years warranty from new.

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    I personally wouldn't but it depends on who's using it and what they're like. AppleCare+ took over from AppleCare. + Is an insurance product, the original was an extended warranty. They ditched the warranty only add-on as it broke EU law.

    I don't see the value of an insurance product which doesn't cover loss of theft.

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