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Thread: Another Everest 36 'Old Bracelet' question

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    Another Everest 36 'Old Bracelet' question

    Hi, I have had a look at other threads here but can't find and answer! I have the 'Older' and wider bracelet for my Everest 36 but do find the clasp a little cumbersome. Has anyone found a suitable replacement clasp and where did you source it? I bought a very nice one off SC but it needs connecting by centre links and the holes in the originals are too small for the screws so that was a non starter. I know people have changed bracelets but I like the actual bracelet, just the Clasp feels too big and especially long. Any thoughts? Cheers. John B4

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    Somewhere, buried in a thread, someone found a replacement clasp that fits. I'm trying to find the thread, but no luck so far.

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    He says he wouldn't bother doing it again. You'd have to search back in that thread to see if he provides a link to the clasp:

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