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Thread: Steinhart Ocean Owners

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    Steinhart Ocean Owners

    Hi chaps,

    So are Steinhart Ocean dive watches 39mm diameter bezels?


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    Those with the 39 suffix are otherwise 42

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    Isn't 39mm or 42mm the case size. The bezel size might be slightly small.

    Anyone got one and some decent measuring calipers ?

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    Case size but can't recall if that is over the crown or not

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    I have the Ocean Titanium 500 GMT premium on my wrist as we speak. I haven't got a vernier caliper but using a tape measure and MK.1 eyeball, it is 42mm across the bezel. The bezel protrudes proud of the case very slightly on the 9 o'clock side, say 1-2mm. It is about 46mm across to the crown.
    The wife has an Ocean One 39 pink MOP which is 39mm across the bezel, again slightly less proud, say 1mm, and 44mm across bezel to crown.
    The difference doesn't sound much, but in reality it is. I went into Gnomon thinking I may buy the 39mm GMT but walked out with the 42. I have a 6 3/4" wrist (pretty flat) and as soon as I put the 39 on even the wife said it's too small. I can just get away with the 42 size wise as a holiday watch but it is pretty chunky, the titanium makes it very wearable though. Mrs Beanie saw the pink MOP 39 and said "oh, I do like that", obviously.

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