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Thread: Long lenses heads-ups

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    Long lenses heads-ups

    MW Classic 'just-in' stock includes:

    Canon FD 300/2.8 , TWO Canon FD 500/4.5L (one with faulty ally case handle ... one lacks OEM supplementary hood) & a Canon FD 800/6.3L

    … all manual focus lenses … these are superb lenses at fair prices and adapt easily to any mirrorless cameras … but would need decent supports e.g. gimbals and HD tripods … and plates to fit the gimbals

    Also lists (1) Nikon 2000/11 mirror lens but very expensive & appears to be missing its OEM fork mount and case(s) .. and (2) Leitz R 800/6.3 with balsam separation … imperfect thus too expensive & way over market value

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