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Thread: Watches sold on Facebook

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    Watches sold on Facebook

    Anyone got any of these watches to try?

    One is a Skylineey, a looks a funky concept mechanical watch with the hours shown with fluid being pumped around the dial. Looks ok for $59!

    Quite a few with mechanical calendars for under $100

    Lots of skeleton design watches around $100

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    I see every kind of watch ads in my FB feed, including Smiths/TimeFactors. Lots of clicks come from there, I'll bet.

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    I think buying any watch from FB is a massive gamble.

    I have been bitten twice. Bought one, the watch never arrived. Traded one, the watch from the other party did not turn up either.

    I would not entertain anyone on FB, but thats my choice.

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    I spotted the skylineey 'FYT' on my feed for $/49, wow bargain. Then I noticed that the promo video showed an actual 'HYT' watch (A massively expensive bit of haute horology that pioneered / patented the use of pumped fluid to display the time).

    I've seen fakes of the HYT watches and they are not great - lots of plastic instead of sapphire xtal, coloured water that gets air bubbles instead of proprietary fluid that doesn't etc. I suspect the 'Skylineey FYT' is one of these fakes that some company couldn't shift a bunch of and are probably still marked as 'HYT' when you get them.

    As the old adage goes, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

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    As someone who recently snagged a total bargain on Facebook I think it is ok if done right. I would only do collection or PayPal payment. In my case Maddog kindly helped me out and collected it for me. If you are expecting someone to post it and they are not willing to take PayPal I would steer clear.

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    I bought one and luckily everything went okay, but I wouldn't do it again unless it was local and I could go and collect.

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    Sorry I did not mean individuals selling watches on the market place. I meant to array of new brands selling watches on paid for advertising. Some of them look a lot of watch for generally under 100, really shows how much big brands add on for the name.

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