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Thread: Peugeot 108 Any owners that could advise?

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    Peugeot 108 Any owners that could advise?

    Morning all,

    My daughter had her car written off recently, non blame and the insurance have made an offer to settle. We are happy with the offer and have been looking for a replacement.

    She knows less than me about cars and I know less than nothing.

    She had her mind made up on a Mini but has found a 2015 Peugeot 108 that she really likes.

    I seem to be under the impression that perhaps Peugeot arenít the most reliable of cars but I could be making that up.

    If anyone could offer any real life opinions around ownership, reliability, things to look out for etc, I would be grateful.

    Many Thanks in advance.

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    Peugeot used to be fantastically reliable, the car of choice for Africa.
    Then came electronics and that reputation flew out of the window, a bit unfairly as most times it was small things going wrong, not major issues.
    I believe their reliability reputation is on the up again, and the 108 is a very good little car. She may also want to look at the VW Up for a bigger boot in that format.
    Don't take my silence for agreement. I've just realised you're too stupid to argue with.

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    Thanks for that

    She has ruled out the Up, as her cousin has one!

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    Whatís her budget?

    We bought our boys a VW Polo which is a solid great run around

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    Somewhere around the 4-5k mark. She was / is dead set on a Mini, only this has turned her head. My son has a golf, agree that itís a great little car.

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    Can I play devil's advocate here and say - get the Mini! We have an R56 Mini and it's a great little car, to the extent that my wife (who has zero interest in cars) has claimed it as her own. I actually bought it for myself, but she's fallen in love with it so now it's hers and I had to sell her old car and buy myself something else.

    The Mini has a quality feel to it that will be missing in the Peugeot (a colleague of mine has one and it's very plasticky) plus the Mini is a hoot to drive.

    Minis can be expensive to fix if they go wrong but that's pretty much true of everything these days.

    I suggest she tries both, but it's the Mini for me every time.



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    Friends of ours had the Peugeot and Citroen equivalent, as has been said they are plasticky, built to a price.

    We bought a new R56 cooper a couple of years ago, had it for 2 years, it was a hoot to drive, but expensive to run, ditched it for a new MX5 which is miles more fun.

    We bought a 62 plate Polo for our 2 boys, 1.4 petrol, happily drive around in it, we paid £5,350, one owner 72k full service history

    Bought it from Chris who was top drawer, bought unseen, he drove it over a 100 miles with the proviso if we didn't like it he would refund the £500 deposit

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    Kia picanto or Rio are worth a look and generally the brand is reliable. They also offer good levels of kit compared to rivals if that matters to your daughter. Toyota Aygo is also pretty funky and reliable too.

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    For your budget you can get a superb reliable Jap car. We (my other half) have an Aygo and it's brilliant. Cruises quietly on motorways, cheap to run, reliable. Or the Yaris, other cars Honda. All good quality.

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    My wife has a 2010 308, does 6k miles a year, had no problems whatsoever.

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    Thanks for the responses all, much appreciated.

    Sheís coming out of a Kia Picanto and has had her heart set on a Mini for a while but the accident has geeíd things up a bit and the Peugeot came up, with low mileage and a good price and it piqued her interest, she test drove both today and enjoyed each of them but when push came to shove, the Mini was her hearts desire. So my concerns are a non issue now.

    Sheís 19... 20 in May and has been in the Picanto that we bought her for a bit over 2 years and keen to fund this one herself (mostly!) to get something that really calls to her. My opinion counted with the first car but Iím slowly realising that Iím now no match for a strong, independent young woman... this ones all her apparently!

    The wife has a Mini Cooper, so we have some experience of them... Iím happy enough with that.

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