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Thread: Business Broadband - best deals?

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    Business Broadband - best deals?

    I'm looking to change our business broadband provider. We have been on the standard Sky contract for too long and are paying far too much.

    Anyone seen any decent deals recently? Just looking for basic fibre broadband for folks to use in the rehearsal studio. I don't need any fancy extras. What should I be expecting to pay? XLN deals seem to start from 19.95 - any good?

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    Aug 2015
    Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK
    For business, go with a business provider. Try Zen & BT.

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    Mar 2017
    Hants UK
    We're with Plusnet Business, they have UK based help desks which if you ever need them are worth having. So far they've been good when we've had to call them (only once)

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    Thanks. Decided to go with Plusnet Business as their ratings seemed ok. Not the cheapest but hopefully good service and reliable!

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