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Thread: Time Ten Watch Company LTD

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    Time Ten Watch Company LTD

    Anyone have any experience of this company?

    Iíve noticed they are selling a Patek Philippe 5107 on Chrono24 (listing 7SUPR9). Unusually for a watch of this value, the listing has only one picture.

    Even more unusually, the picture appears identical to one used in another advertisement (listing 7UKP02) by an established dealer in a different country.

    Any thoughts?
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    Time Ten Watch Co

    1 The company is advertising a Rolex Cellini Prince on chrono24 that appears to be significantly different from all others of this model.
    2 Their feedback on chrono24 is for the sale of 34 'dream' watches that even major watch shops would not see in a lifetime's trading.
    3 They have only a nominal website, which contains very little.

    I may be wrong, of course, and the company may be legitimate.
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    I am interested in following this thread as I have recently enquired about one of their watches.

    They responded quickly and posted 10 photos of the watch direct to my chrono24 messaging. Since I am also London based they were happy to meet up in person for a watch transfer. Feedback is also great, so I have some confidence.

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    Interesting update here. I have to say, I would be very nervous.

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    Has anyone actually bought from these people yet Gents?

    I too am looking at what appears to be a 'bargain' and the seller has even sent me pics of the actual watch and cards etc....

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