We've had a bit of a crisis here today owing to some missing photos. We copied them 3 times from a hard drive to an sd card but each time they didn't appear. The 4th time unfortunately we managed to cut and paste and lo and behold they didn't appear but they did disappear from the hard drive. Cue wailing and gnashing.
Now the sd card shows almost 18gb of data but when you open it and combine all the visible files there is just 3gb of data. The folders transferred were about 3.5gb each so the maths more or less adds up - on that sd card there must be multiple copies of the missing photos.
So why cant I see them? They can't just vanish.
I've tried a free recovery program and yes it finds some items that were deleted but not the missing photos.
I've allowed hidden files to be seen but no joy.
I can save onto the sd card both individual files and folders and they are visible
So any suggestions as to how I see the invisible files - even if its to show it isn't what I'm looking for.