The Bremont thread got me thinking, but I don't think adding further fuel to that fire would be helpful...

Anyway, I've been having a think, and I've realised that the watches that made me go "wow" when I first saw them only get occasional time on the wrist, whereas those that didn't make an amazing first impression, or were even a little disappointing, get worn the most.

Perhaps most apparent was my Speedmaster; I'll admit that my decision to buy one was in a large part because of the enthusiasm on here, and the deal on offer meant that if I didn't get on with it I could move it one without bearing a massive loss. When I picked it up, it felt a bit bland and rather insubstantial and I was disappointed.

i didn't wear it much but, over time, it started getting worn more and more and I came to really appreciate the simplicity of it, enjoyed winding it, enjoyed the balance on the wrist and it is now a firm favourite.

A couple of the others that didn't make a great first impression have grown on me in a similar way.

Anyone else had initial disappointment turn into long term joy? And similarly initial euphoria descend into apathy?