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Thread: Marine Chronometer by Reid & Sons

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    Marine Chronometer by Reid & Sons

    Its been a long time since I posted anything, here´s a recent one I got...

    Reid & Sons Newcastle upon Tyne, it says on the dial, although someone spoiled the lettering by trying to clean it with something which didn´t work well.
    The Chronometer came with the extract of rates, as it was entered on trial for purchase by the board of admiralty in 1912.
    A rare piece indeed, as it has a Bonniksen carousel movement, at the time considered to be more acurate than than a tourbillon, because the carousel turned once in 52.5 minutes as oposed to Ca once a minute on the tourbillion.
    Here what the Crott auctioneers wrote on a prior sale:
    "Carousel" watches are a design by the Danish watchmaker B. Bonniksen, who registered the patent in 1892 in England. His intention was to create a compromise between the "expensive" tourbillon and a normal chronometer - and he actually achieved better results with his carousel than some did with tourbillons. In 1899 Richard Lange improved the design and received a protection of utility patent D.R.G.M 121267 for it. The escapement in a carousel with auxiliary seconds revolves in 52.5 minutes, and thus avoids the variation caused by gravity. Lange only ever produced a small number of carousel watches, most of them in gold cases.
    Source: Reinhard Meis "A. Lange & Söhne" published by Callwey, page 180.

    I´ve been on the hunt for one for years, last week was my lucky day ;-)

    Here´s a link explaining the two
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