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Thread: CWC G10 battery question

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    CWC G10 battery question

    I have a few CWC G10 quartz watches including four fat boys from 1980. Two of these are quite rare as they are the navigator versions with the date.
    Recently, a Precista from 1982 which is also a fatboy stopped working with a circuit board problem. From what I understand, the circuit boards are virtually impossible to get hold of.
    So with the other fat boys in mind, is it best to leave them running or is it best to take the battery out if I am to protect these watches for the future?
    I wear a 1994 Navigator as my daily watch along with other younger models but just a bit worried about the old ones!

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    To be honest I donít think leaving them running will make much of a difference, yes it puts wear on the movement but not much.
    Pop over to MWR (broadarrow . net) as there are a couple guys there who will know what modern movement can be used as a replacement to get the broken watch back up and running again.
    It wonít be all original but it will work!

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    I wouldn't worry about keeping them running but if they stop (i.e. when the battery runs out) then I would strongly recommend removing the spent battery to mitigate the possibility of electrolyte leakage. In my experience, that is what most commonly kills circuits!


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    I would be inclined to leave them running but please.. good quality batteries only in them.No Poundland stuff lol

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    Thanks for your thoughts.
    After having a watch spoilt with a leaking battery, the last battery change was Renata and I understand they donít leak.
    Is here a better battery make out there and should there be a recommended change interval rather than letting them stop as there is always the leakage worry as I donít look at my collection every day.

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