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Thread: Want a new Omega SMPc Bracelet...

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    Want a new Omega SMPc Bracelet...

    Gents, I am absolutely in love with the latest Omega SMP (Master Chronometer) Bracelet. Photo 'borrowed' off the net.

    omega by etienne spiteri, on Flickr

    I have truly grown fond of bracelets that have end links that pivot on the spring bar. This makes them super comfortable.

    I love my previous model SMPc and would never part with it. I wear it on the fully brushed original bracelet or fully brushed Speedy most of the time.

    I want to upgrade to the latest bracelet. I know the new model is slightly larger and thicker but case profile and lug size is the same. Anyone done it before and knows if it will fit? Any sources? If so, I'd be more than happy to bite the bullet. Many thanks in advance!

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    You could always try Omega UK but I bet a new bracelet will be eye wateringly expensive.

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    One thing I noted when I tried the watch on - the clasp is absolutely MASSIVE! I swear it must be a magnet to get banged up!

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