I think I posted on here a long time ago that I discovered a source for original mutitracks/song stems from some of the best songs of the last 50 years, Originally i found the ones from the games like guitar hero/rock band etc, They were mostly made up of around 6-10 tracks and they had all drums together, all guitars together and so on, However after a great deal of searching and in some cases having to buy them I am now finding the cream of the crop and some very very hard to find ones.

Quite a common one is Queens Bohemian Rhapsody the full 24 tracks that were originally recorded, (including freddie at the end saying "oh F*** It" there are a lot of stuff easily available covering all music genres Im currently up to 1100 +

The reason I like them is you get to listen the raw tracks un mastered and un mixed and very different from the records you are used to hearing, You can use them to play along too if that's your thing or just listen to the solo parts.

Is this something that would interest anyone else ?