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Thread: Sticky threads

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    Sticky threads

    The best way to make sure a topic is ignored is to sticky it. There are LOADS at the top of this forum which haven’t been updated in years. Surely they can be removed?

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    That’s a fair point
    We should make it a sticky...

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    To be fair, I tend to agree, but it's not likely to happen. Ideally there would be a single locked & sticked "READ BEFORE POSTING", which can then link off to the other threads for details and discussion where relevant. Maybe one "best of" thread too, to catch all the other stuff that tends to get stickied. But it takes a bit of work to maintain something like that. Eddie doesn't have the time and delegating it out to someone else would likely be a recipe for trouble. Even a simple unmoderated best-of thread is just going to get spoiled fairly quickly, so if you're going to leave things open to the community, an entire page of stickied threads is what you end up with.

    If nobody does this kind of curation work then removing stickies is only going to result in important information getting buried. Sadly, while there have been attempts to collate for example, the various rules of SC, those efforts have not always been met warmly by the community. Unless it comes directly from the boss, certain vocal subgroups will always call it "meddling" (or worse).

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    Anything relevant will be kept current on the forum (for example the ‘recent arrivals’ thread - surprised that’s not stickied!) but things like ‘guide to posting pictures’ is out of date and ignored (look at how many have trouble posting pictures) and in all honesty even though the ‘old guard’ might get frustrated seeing some topics repeated, a forum depends on new members posting questions and others answering; otherwise the site would be an encyclopaedia or a wiki.

    I don’t think there’s ever a need for stickies unless it’s for important rules or guidelines for a specific forum.

    TBH there’s a lot that could easily be improved here both in terms of software and organisation but I understand if it’s not a priority if the owner - it’s a great community through and I think it deserves some attention :)

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    All the best stickies are in the Bear Pit anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ped View Post
    things like ‘guide to posting pictures’ is out of date and ignored
    TBH the "guide to posting pictures" could do with updating, as a surprisingly large number of people seem to have trouble, or are insistent on still using Photobucket.

    That should really go in an FAQ, along with the forum rules and etiquette guide.

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