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Thread: Breitling B50 users help

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    Breitling B50 users help

    Morning all.

    I have one of the above and also had an Aerospace. With the Aerospace, there I believe was a function where I could have nothing displayed in the LCD section, i.e. just the hands showing the time. Is this possible does anyone know with the B50?

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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    It’s in the manual. Yes you can.

    DISplAy (DISp oN or DISpoFF)
    • Select the SETTING function by turning the crown.
    • Pull the crown into position 2 (the hand and minute hands will “park”).
    • Select DISplAy by turning the crown.
    • Press P1 to activate the setting.
    • Turn the crown to select DISp oN (always engaged) or DISpoFF (only engaged with the light). The default setting is DISp oN.
    • Confirm the setting by pressing P1 and/or pressing the crown back into neutral position 1.

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