I arrived home today to find my BT line on the other side of the road, with my fascia board attached!

Second time in a year that a lorry has snagged it. Last year openreach repaired it, but the line was right at the minimum allowable height.

They added a bracket to my eaves to raise the line on my side by a few inches. It's that bracket, screwed through my PVC fascia board that pulled things apart today. I can only assume that the line has sagged over time again, until the right lorry caught it.

So.... I've a fault logged and will be back online soon enough. But.... who pays for the damage to the house? Truth is, the pole across the road isn't high enough. Its ancient, and not fit to reach safely over today's freight traffic.

Its not big money to repair, but I'll be a bit miffed if it has to come out of my pocket. Are BT/openreach liable for the damage?