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I'll be going with the hooked 7, a lot of the unhooked 7 dials are IWC service replacement dials (unless it's the rare white 12 dial).

It's a bit of a minefield. There are a lot of subtle differences between the different dials.

I don't think that too many of unhooked 7 dials are IWC service replacement dials.

I'm pretty sure that all of the mark xi's originally had Radium lume on the dials. From 1963 the MoD arranged replacement of the dials with Tritium ones. An RAF Tritium dial is marked with a T in a circle. The encircled T only appears on the RAF dial versions as the RAAF and RNZAF didn't request it.

All hooked 7 dials have the circle T and crows foot/broad arrow. The hooked 7 dials also have slightly fatter numbers and use a different type of 8.

So all of the T dials are replacement dials whether they are hooked 7 or not. That said, I do prefer the much rarer hooked 7 over the non-hooked one.

The latest IWC service dials have a different style of 7 again. The weird 7. It's often said of the 7 on an IWC service dial that they just can't get it right! These dials also have T SWISS T below the 6 rather than just SWISS. Older service dials have a normal 7.

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