Hi folks

Was just wondering if anyone has had the BT Ultrafast fitted over the past year (when they supplied the separate Modem and Router boxes) with the service (Before they were replaced with the all in one SmartHub2) or whether any of you have g.fast from another supplier (like EE etc) who have had Openreach supply the modem and EE supply their own router?

I need one of these Modems (Its badged as an OpenReach Modem but is manufactured by Huawei (MT992) as I wont be able to use the supplied hub (without other issues). Evidently g.fast capable modems are very thin on the ground currently due to it being newish technology bar a couple of enterprising folks trying to get around 300 pounds for them on Ebay :) . It seems openreach dont supply them anymore :(

Was just wondering if you had one in the back of a cupboard taking up space that I would happily pay postage, some beer money and a donation to the fundraiser for if we could "recycle" one to me?