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Thread: Zenith chronometro Tipo CP 2 a bit special

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    I was out riding my motorbike yesterday,parking up someone was admiring it and we got talking.

    He was a RAF pilot out of Brize Norton riding a GPZ900, I jokingly said anything to do with top gun? and he said yes he liked the bilke anyway but that was the deicder when he bought it.

    When he was based at RAF Bruggen they went on a deployment to Decimomannu Air Base an Italian Air Force (Aeronautica Militare) Base located approximately 5 km north of Decimomannu,in the Province of Cagliari on the island of Sardinia in Italy.

    He and a few other members of his squadron asked for permission to ride their bikes over which took 3 days.

    What a amazing trip riding bikes over to Sardinia (ive done it myself its great fun) then dueling with Starfighters over the clear blue skys.

    I asked him what watch he was wearing but he doesent when riding,he told me he wears an old casio when flying I cant remember the model.

    I mentioned I had a Zenith Tipo and told him the history,but he didnt realy have an interest in watches.

    The thing is of all the places I want to go back to since lockdown is Sardinia and I would lobve to meet someone with one of the original issued Zeniths.

    thats about as close I am going to get.

    RAF officers are a lot more down to earth (no pun intended) than army officers in my experiance.

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    I’ve had two CP2s, lovely watch, real class. I wouldn’t mind another one. In terms of history, I seem to remember that they were worn by ‘starfighter’ pilots. Not the luckiest bunch in aviation history.

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