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Thread: Apple Watch vs Proper Watch - my solution

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    Apple Watch vs Proper Watch - my solution

    I know there are some Apple watch fans on here, but I have long resisted the urge to purchase one, despite my love of all things Apple. This was mainly because it would prevent me from enjoying one of my 'proper' watches and I didn't feel all that comfortable double-wristing (despite Jack Forster's amusing and encouraging article on Hodinkee).

    However, I was hopeful that there would be a way round it and even considered designing a strap that incorporated the Apple watch somehow so I could wear both on one wrist.

    I subsequently discovered the team at Sinn had had a similar thought and had launched their dual strap system - a neat, very 'pilot'y, solution, if a little pricey.

    Then I had a moment of inspiration and took the plunge. So without further ado, I give you my makeshift solution that allows me to wear both a mechanical watch in the usual back of wrist position and an Apple watch on the inside, providing me the best of both worlds.

    From above:

    From the side:

    From below:

    Before you say it, I realise that a watch with wider lugs would fit the strap better. This Halios is 20mm and is my gym/cycling watch of choice at the moment. A 22-24mm lug width would work a treat.

    I've been trialling it for a few weeks now and it works very well - very pleased indeed. So what do you think?

    Right, now I'm off to meet Friday for a coffee...

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    Lol. Hope you donít magnetise your normal watch!

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    Clever, but canít see how that would work when you have to rest your arm/wrist on anything?

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    I like the concept, however I just wear one on each wrist. I just got a new Apple Watch as I missed it and rotate with my garmin fenix 6. On my left wrist is always a mechanical watch.
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    Whilst cleaver I feel like youíve found a solution to problem that wasnít really there?

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    Great for giving it some effort and thought, but as someone who works on a computer that would make it impossible for me to comfortably use a mouse or keyboard.

    I prefer to go Full Castro.

    (I am of course kidding, I just go one on each wrist).

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    Apple watch is the greatest thing since sliced bread

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