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    I think I know the answer, but has anyone had any dealings with the ebay store (seller) worldstamps4u , seems they dont only sell stamps !!
    They seem to have the ability to sell alot of well known luxury watch brands too. All the buy now prices are the same and all require selling in next 22hrs.
    But thought I'd ask before ignoring them out right.

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    Just picked it up myself today... I reported a few of his postings

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    Well that is highly suspect.

    All their seller feedback is for selling stamps. There is absolutely zero chance that account hasn't been recently hacked by a scammer.

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    That was my view as well. As legal information states he is from Beverley. But seller information London. Anyway I have emailed the legal information email address asking if he has been hacked.

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    Has to be suspect - heís a couple of miles from me and seems to be selling more stuff than the whole town owns.

    A lot of the pictures arenít even in the UK.

    Iíd have a new bike for 250 quid though..

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    Looks extremely dodgy.

    I seem to recall the same account selling hard to numerous hard to obtain Rolex watches on 24 hour auction format.

    Then all the listings disappeared before the auctions ended.

    The account may have been hacked.

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    I noticed it on a single listing thought my luck was in ! searched his items for sale and see all the other watches with different backgrounds ( some taken in a car ) !

    I have emailed him from the contact at the bottom of the page no reply as yet ,all auctions end tonight at 6 ish . If they get away with it Pay pal are going to take a big hit tonight !

    I can sort of see why people are bidding because if you dont do any further digging you wouldnt see the rest and realise . If its legit thats one hell of a collection being sold off

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    Jocke, is this going to be a 1,000mm 3D printed 'Hulk?'
    Looking forward to your next post/step.

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