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Thread: SMITHS Referee/Parking watch A470

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    SMITHS Referee/Parking watch A470

    Been looking through "SMITHS WATCHES" by Barrie Smith pondering on the dial evolution of the Smiths Everest "Expedition" (but that is another story) when I came across this unusual model.

    The pic above is from the 1955 catalogue.

    * * *

    The pic above is from the 1957 catalogue.

    What struck me as particularly unusual was the bezel... which counts down minutes from 45-0... WITH THE REST OF THE BEZEL BEING COMPLETELY CLEAR. This makes the bezel basically useless for anything else...

    A remember seeing a reference to this watch in this interview:

    A Thoroughly British Obsession: Interview with Watch(Smiths) James Merrens

    Google only brings up the reference below and luckily some pictures. Also of interest is the possible Russian connection. Check it out.

    This pic is from MWR. More pictures in the link below.

    Smiths Referee/Parking watch


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    I am sure I am not alone in thinking that the Expedition dial hand combo in a similar case with an engraved steel 60 to 0 countdown bezel would make a very nice functional but dressy watch.
    The retaining ring caseback on the original is fascinating too.

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