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Thread: Help me upgrade my Timex Weekender

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    Help me upgrade my Timex Weekender

    The weekender is a very nice, versatile, light watch for casual wear. It could be a "one watch" for vacations but for a couple of things.

    * not enough WR to swim in without worry
    * I hate the brass plated cases. I like brushed surfaces

    Here is where I get super picky and you all roll your eyes and throw up your hands and move on to the next thread.

    * white dial
    * 38-40mm
    * quartz or auto, doesnt matter
    * at least 50m WR, prefer 100m
    * 20 or 22mm lugs
    * must have some numbers but 24 inner track isnt required

    Don't wants
    * I dont really want the Nomos/Rodina style.
    * no subdials so no chronos and no small seconds
    * price...dont know for sure but not over $300 prefereable. $150 sounds good in my head.
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    There you go, you can thank me later. Oh, welcome by the way

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    Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical ticks a ot of those boxes, at least if bought used. Hamilton also make a white dial version of their 38 mm Khaki Field Quartz, but I couldn't find a decent picture of it.

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