On a recent holiday in Nerja, Southern Spain there was a lady on the Balcon de Europa with an old wooden camera taking photographs of people and selling the results on the spot....

Here's a closeup

I was expecting for there to be a Polaroid built inside it, but no; a real live darkroom with built in developing tanks

The technique was quite interesting. She'd take a first photograph and develop it inside the camera to produce a negative on paper. Then, after checking with the client re composition etc, she mounted the paper negative on a frame in front of the camera and took a second photograph; developing it inside the camera to produce a positive. She had the usual Dark Cloth over the back of the camera which she used over her head to set up focus, and when the photograph was taken she manipulated the development 'blind' with only her hands under the cloth inside the camera. There were a number of occasions where, when she examined the print, she wasn't happy with the result and had to start over. She washes the final negs/prints in the bucket which you can see to the right of the bench in the first photograph.

Also, when taking the initial photograph and also when taking a photograph of the negative she didn't use the shutter release, rather, she had it set on 'B', removed the well used lens cap and counted the exposure in seconds before replacing the lens cap before proceeding to develop the picture.

All in all a very interesting and productive system as she had loads of customers every day, some of whom used the props you can see in the first picture. Two sizes of print were available, small at 5 Euros or large 10 Euros, (I didn't get to measure them for actual size).