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Thread: Good show for those interested in Typography and Watch face design on Netflix

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    Good show for those interested in Typography and Watch face design on Netflix

    Amongst a couple of other interests I'm primarily a graphic designer, with an interest in watch design, so was happy when I came across this show on Netflix:

    Abstract: The Art of Design

    It's a great series of documentaries focusing on various aspects commercial art and design world, but one episode in particular might interest you guys too.

    Jonathan Hoefler: Typeface Design *This episode features Heofler, founder of Throughout the episode he researches vintage watch face typography so he and his team can create a new font based on vintage watch typography. The resulting font is here:

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    Thanks for posting this. And the font is wonderful.

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    Thanks. Plan to watch this weekend.

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    I watched it the other day. Really enjoyed it and added the series to my watch list. The guy was very engaging , passionate and incredibly knowledgable about fonts.

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    I watched that Netflix documentary also - most engaging & interesting.

    Hoefler also recently did a good interview with Stephen Pulvirent for the Hodinkee podcast, which is worth a listen as it obviously expands upon his interest in watches:

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