I found myself in the unusual position of having a couple of hours to myself whilst Mrs C slipped out for a Ďquick look around the shopsí

I was at the watch box again and got to thinking about the changes it has gone through since my time on the forum. Itís fair to say that I have had plenty of movement but I find myself fairly settled at the moment. There are plenty of watches that I would still like to try but I think Iím going to be pretty static for a while now.

I posted a SOTC when I joined as a bit of an introduction, so thought I would see how things have changed and whatís come and gone along the way, so Iíll start with the current selection.

In no particular order...

First up is my do anything watch, Iíve tried a fair few gshocks and various other pieces for real down and dirty duties but this has all the functions that I need, I can read it and itís comfortable.

Next is my Omega Aqua Terra 41.5mm from 2013, this is a survivor from my original SOTC, I know itís all subjective but either on bracelet or leather and deployant this watch just seems to work as well as anything Iíve tried.

After selling my 14060 I still hankered for a classic no date submariner, so when this came up I couldnít resist. I did think long and hard as it meant sacrificing another favourite of mine. It came with the ghosted bezel and I now also have a new service insert, I can now switch it up a bit and really enjoy the look of both. I have looked at sourcing a period correct long 5 insert but they are hard to find and have some serious asking prices, Iíd love one if anyone has one to move on at a good price.

Some of my watch purchases are impulse buys but this one was a deliberate and (relatively) lengthy search, a 1998 tritium 16600, allegedly unpolished?. I had toyed with the idea of a 16660 after getting sidetracked whilst looking for this, (I found that a bit of a minefield to be honest) but when this came up I knew it was for me. I hope to pass this one on to my son one day.

Another survivor is this 2254, itís been to Duncan at Genesis for a service, runs like a dream and absolutely deserves its place at the table, looks great, wears well on the bracelet, nato or rubber if thatís your thing.

This was bought as a grab and go watch, fits the bill perfectly, Iíd really like to explore the possibility of bead blasting it, I did see one and thought it looked great.

As a fan of the Datejust but also having bigger wrists, this Datejust 2 hits the spot for me, a good size and a beautiful dial that I canít do justice with my phone pics. Looks good on a black leather strap as well. Some might say a viable one watch solution if thatís your bag?

My most recent purchase is this 16710, having owned the BLNR and a nipple dial Rootbeer, I think that I have found the sweet spot with this. I owned the BLNR for nearly 5 years and thoroughly enjoyed owning and wearing it but became more and more drawn back to the 4 and 5 digit watches. I had started to think that maybe I had missed the boat and perhaps didnít want to pay the current prices but Iím glad I did. This also came with the coke insert as well as the all black, Iím looking forward to making the most of this watch. Iím even considering a jubilee for it.

Another grab and go with this Omega Megaquartz that I picked up from the forum, Iíve struggled to find what I think is the perfect strap combo but Iím pretty happy with this Watchgecko

I picked this Divex up for holiday duties, I have a bit of a habit of changing my holiday watches regularly but Iím in no rush to move this on, works on all kinds of straps, interesting looks and a break from the norm.

My only hummer is this Zenith / Allegro which is currently having a NOS movement fitted that was sourced from Switzerland, there were already a couple of dates where it didnít change over and I had traded the watch but when it arrived with the new owner it had stopped working altogether, so back to me it came. Itís just too lovely to let it go to the great watch box in the sky.

And a group shot of the others that I could lay my hands on.

I still have the two pocket watches, the Benson has now been repaired and serviced and runs beautifully and I still know pretty much nothing about the other

When I get another hour I might take a look back at what has come and gone to get to this point... Lots of watch activity in the last 18 months and Iíve probably lost track of everything.

Thanks for looking, the boss is back from her shopping trip now. If youíre interested, she came back with a kitchen bin, a new blind for the bathroom and two 25kg bags of rock salt... obviously!