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Thread: Unusual Seamaster

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    Unusual Seamaster

    A woman at work mentioned that her husband had got 'a nice watch' that had been passed on to him by his father. She couldn't tell me what it was, and neither father nor son were WIS, so I wasn't expecting anything interesting when she eventually said it was an Omega Seamaster. I was expecting a 50's or 70's dress watch. Anyway, a picture was sent through and it turned out to be one of these:

    Apparently, the father had just seen it in a shop in the 1970's

    Not sure whether it's called a 'Yachting' or 'Regatta' but I've never seen one before. Wondered if anyone else has one, and knows anything else about them.

    Hereís the watch...

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    Itís a 176.010 with a 1040 automatic movement

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    ^^^ Thanks, that opens up quite a bit more information

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jdh1 View Post
    ^^^ Thanks, that opens up quite a bit more information
    Says as much in the article you’d linked! :-)))

    I have a similar 176.007 reference. They’re more common, but you don’t see too many of these. If you’re a member over on Omega Forum I recall a post a couple of years ago where a guy had found one of these after a bit of a search (or maybe he already had one but found another NOS example?). Anyway, that might be a source of further info.

    Link here to an interesting article on the Cal 1040 site about dial variants:
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    Sorry OP I hadnít noticed your link. Iíll get my coat!

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    Indeed itís a 176.010 yachting watch. It looks better in the flesh. I believe around 3000 were made.

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