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Thread: Solovair boots and British Military watches

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    Solovair boots and British Military watches

    I love these Solvair boots I picked up recently, and thought they paired well with British Military watches.

    NPS Shoes has been hand making boots in Northampton since 1881, and still continue to do so today under the brand Solovair, and are fantastic value. They have made boots for the British Military in the past as well as Dr. Martens.
    These are their Black Hi-Shine 8 Eye Derby Boot. They also do Steel Toe version with Commando soles which are even closer to the original British Military Ammunition Boots

    The watches are CWC 1979 RAF Issued, CWC 2006 Army issued and Hamilton 1973 Army issued. All are on original Phoenix straps, who have a long history of making watch straps in the UK for the British Military.

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    A very nice trio. A bit more work on the toe caps though Andy.

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    I bet you got some funny looks, taking photos in your socks...

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