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Thread: Grey NATOs

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    Grey NATOs

    I thought I would post this here following a post in a thread in watch talk
    I am a big fan of a Phoenix NATO and always thought the were the best out there until I tried a CWC NATO.
    I don’t know for certain who makes the CWC NATO (I have a hunch.)
    Anyhoo a few pictures to show the difference.

    The 2 straps on the left are CWC the 2 on the right are Phoenix. The lighter CWC is the ‘Vintage’ grey strap

    The material on the CWC is a lot thicker but a bit softer, it has a more pronounced ridge weave and the holes seem to hold up better than a Phoenix.

    The hardware is much chunkier on the CWC and the plating seems to be better quality. (It’s not rubbing off)

    Straps reversed in these pictures - CWC on right

    Finally a couple of pictures to show the colour difference between Phoenix straps as a result of manufacturing batch wear and age.

    And lastly a colour comparison between CWC and Phoenix

    I hope this thread is useful for insomniacs!!!

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    I find anything thicker than a Phoenix too thick for my wrists. Makes the watch top heavy.

    The thinner material will inevitably deteriorate more quickly around the holes, but I can live with that.

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    I love the very themed collection! Currently my favorite grey NATO is one of the seatbelt material ones from Watch Gecko. Very comfortable.

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