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Thread: New Land Rover Defender revealed...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mickylall View Post
    Isnít Suzuki pulling the Jimny from sale due to the high emissions?
    Just made a new model (looks gorgeous, too) so it would be a surprise if it didn't meet regulations.
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    Itís the new model thatís being pulled I think?

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    The problem with the Suzuki Jimny is that is only has a wading depth of 320mm and tow limit of 1300kg, so is not really a viable primary vehicle for a farmer, despite the ruffty tuffty looks. Shame really as it would otherwise tick a lot of boxes as an old Defender alternative.

    The Land Rover and Range Rover ranges still seem to stick to their original purposes of towing and off-road capability, despite now being primarily a luxury car for the middle-upper classes meaning their capabilities will never be used. It does all seem a bit pointless, but then again we could argue the same thing about high powered cars vs 70mph speed limits etc etc. The LR range are status symbols for most owners nowadays, but so what if that is what floats their boat.

    I would love a new Defender, but don't think I would want to own one out of warranty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mickylall View Post
    Itís the new model thatís being pulled I think?
    It is the new model. Doesn't meet emissions targets and so won't be sold anymore according to an article on PH. The new Jimny is a lovely looking car and captures the ethos of the original Defender.

    I'm not an LR hater and completely understand the LR have made a product that will no doubt sell but for me the range is a bit of a mess. The Range Rover and Land Rover range is all a bit similar IMO; feels a bit like they have just reshelled a current model with some new lights and electronics. If I had a pick of the bunch I'd probably go for a Velar but then tbh for the money I'd probably jump over to the Porsche offering. For all my off roading, the Macan/Cayenne would be just as good. I was never going to buy one anyway so my 2 cents don't really matter.

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    Mat Watson's review:

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