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Thread: Oldest turning 18 today. We ticked that box!

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    Oldest turning 18 today. We ticked that box!

    As per title. My oldest is 18 today. He’s not at home; he’s sailing the European Championship Laser Under 21 in Poland (and is performing badly par after eating bad sushi last Sunday... when we had his b’day party).

    He was born at 6:29AM, so I managed to send him a HB message at 6:29! I managed to slip a small present into the hands of his coach before they left on Monday morning: an ‘18’ T-shirt. And he’s forced to wear it all day!!!

    I’m sailing myself at the moment (in a harbour with WiFi now) and my wife sent me a WhatsApp with: ‘We ticked that box! Done!’

    18 and a watch related present? Yes! A Citizen BN150 eco drive with a blue dial. Imho a nice first step on the ‘property ladder’: rugged, accurate, easy to read and not too expensive.

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    Mazel Tov!

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    Perfect pressie

    A welcome change to all the DJ/OP/Explorer drones.

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    I bought myself one of those for my birthday this year.. Your son will cherish it as if it was the rarest watch in the world

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    Congratulations to him and a great watch too. I bought the same one off the forum and wear it a lot. Looks great on a blue Haveston NATO😁

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    Sailing , a great discipline, my son started racing Toppers and now skippers a 52 ft Cat in the Mediterranean!

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    Agreed, what a perfect watch for the lad. Congrats on delivering one to adulthood too!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Onelasttime View Post
    Perfect pressie

    A welcome change to all the DJ/OP/Explorer drones.

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    My daughter's a year away. Wow. Nothing comes close to underlining the passage of time!

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    18? My oldest is 40!

    Give your lad my birthday wishes Menno, great watch too.

    My Speedmaster website:

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    Congrats to you and your son. Oh to be 18 again

    Mine will turn 18 next year and although I have already got a watch for him, I think he will have to wait until he is 21 before he gets it.
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    Oldest turning 18 today. We ticked that box!

    Oh, he always wanted to be 18. That is, until a few weeks ago when he realised that being 18 comes with (financial) responsibilities! On top of that, the bank of Mum and Dad is slowly but surely turning down the money-tap... A week ago he told my wife: "I wish I was 12 again!" With my wife's reply: "The period between 12 and 18 wasn't your best period, attitude-wise. We're not going to do that all over again. The best thing you can do is batten down the hatches and strap yourself for impact. Your childhood is over!"

    Anyway, his teammates got him a T-shirt and they went to a pizzeria with the complete Dutch team. I'd told the coaches in advance that we (parents) would pick up the tab of the dinner. Guess what: eating in a Polish restaurant is really cheap! 12 persons dinner 3 course costs 90 euros! That's a pleasant surprise!


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