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Thread: Waterproofing an old Casio

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    Waterproofing an old Casio

    Morning TZ,

    I've a Casio Protrek 1300 Y, 100 m water resistant originally, which I've now had for eight years. I used to use it swimming, but moved in to quartz analogue, then discovered the world of mechanicals and it's laid mostly unused since.

    I'd like to use it again though, and have an upcoming trip with a heck of a lot of swimming involved (if all goes to plan...).

    It's never had a battery charge as it's solar powered, and I've always kept its charge topped-up.

    I can only assume the seals have degraded given its age, and would rather not fry the internals on its first return to the water.

    How best to rewaterproof the watch?
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