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Thread: Is Kim a member here?

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    Is Kim a member here?

    Own up lads, who sold Kim Portofino and violated UN sanctions?

    PS Kim mate, if you’re reading this please fire a missile.

    Kim Jong-un wore a banned 10,000 Portofino watch while overseeing missile test in defiance of sanctions against his North Korean regime

    Kim Jong-un has been photographed in a watch costing a staggering 10,000 in another brazen defiance of sanctions against his regime.
    The UN banned luxury goods from entering North Korea to punish the rogue state for its nuclear weapons tests, with luxury watches among the specific items named.
    But now watch specialists in neighbouring South Korea have identified a rare unisex watch on the dictator's wrist costing an eye-watering 10,000.

    Zee LINKY
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    He probably bought it on his travels.

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